Protecting Your Borrowing Capacity by Avoiding a Vehicle Loan

Choosing to buy a car is one of life’s biggest financial decisions and one that you really do want to give plenty of thought to the best options for you personally, especially if you are in the market for a home mortgage at the same time.

You want to make sure that your purchase within your means as you will only have a set amount to spend. Committing to purchasing a car without a loan, such as through a vehicle lease is a common option people are taking nowadays, and can ensure that you are not faced with unwanted up-selling at the dealership, which is a common practice.

Though going to the extent of borrowing money from friends or family has its own set of positives and negatives. Here, we take a closer look at both options.

Cash Advance: An option for the risky at heart
A cash advance is one of the more risky ways to secure a loan for your vehicle. This is really only an option if you know that you will have enough cash to pay back the loan quickly. If you are unable to pay back the loan then you will be faced with very high interest charges that she may not be able to afford.

Family/Friends: If you dare
A loan from family and friends might seem like a really good idea, but it can quickly create tension in a relationship if you get into financial difficulty. It is still an option worth considering, but make sure there is some form of official paperwork to cover both sides in the event of a falling out.

Taking out a car loan is a big responsibility. Borrowing money from family and friends is also a risk in itself. It is always prudent to ensure that you have sufficient means to pay back the loan; otherwise your car can be repossessed by the financial institution. Worse still, in the event that you borrowed from family or friends, you may inflict hardship upon them.

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Duo Residences Has Tons of Floor Plans to Choose from

So we already decided to move into duo residences, the only thing that was left for us to do was to look at the different floor plans and pick one that we like. These guys have tons of options for floor plans, almost too many to choose from. They were trying to accomodate every family type and I think they did a pretty fine job of it. So it took us awhile to find the floor plans. We looked on the site but couldn’t find them. So we googled “duo residences floor plan”. We found it right there on the page we were looking at, it made us feel so stupid. It was right in front of us staring us in the face the entire time.

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Canadian Economy Sustains Steady Housing Development

Calgary real estateFor a lot of people today, the wild west still exists, particularly in Canada. The Canadian Western economy is by far the strongest. Alberta and Saskatchewan continue to enjoy astonishing growth in GDP and in population.

Although local governments are doing what they can to control growth, it’s not something they can do easily. New housing developments keep springing up and even with the Federal government’s attempt to completely suppress the housing market, the real estate sectors here are surprisingly strong. As the Canadian economy improves, we’ll see much stronger growth in Alberta and Saskatchewan with million dollar homes on the market.

If you’re considering the possibility of moving out West, you’ll have to choose the appropriate city by looking at the MLS. Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Regina and Saskatoon are all great choices. The job market in Saskatchewan is particularly strong. Fewer people want to move to the prairies, but for the brave, the opportunity to earn is a great feature. The small town, friendly atmosphere of Saskatchewan communities is another major factor, particularly for families.

If you have your heart set on Calgary, you’re like a lot of others from Eastern Canada. Calgary is a modern city offering every conceivable advantage including the best schools for your kids, a super urban transit system, proximity to the Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park, and an almost endless number of sunny days.

The job market continues strong in Calgary. Lately, it has improved as well. The shortage of skilled workers in Alberta is quite a problem, so if your skills are in demand, you could enjoy a very good income out here in Calgary. The unemployment rate in Calgary stands at 4.3% while the national average is 7.4%. The inequity in Canada is very pronounced and may not better anytime soon. Thankfully, Calgary is booming and there are opportunities for unemployed easterners. You just have to make the trip out to make your dream happen.

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Hire a Certified Residential Mold Inspector to Check the Growing Menace of Molds

certified residential mold inspectorMolds can cause several health hazards especially to the elders and kids. If you are one among the several others who are left in the lurch because of the growing molds menace then it is better to seek the help of a certified residential mold inspector which you can rely on for fixing mold problems effectively and promptly. There are plenty of places at your home where molds can breed, thrive and ultimately wreak havoc. A certified residential mold inspector can check successfully the menace of growing molds in your home.

Most of the Homes are Always at the Risk
As per the studies conducted, around 50 per cent of homes are at risk of mounting molds. Molds appear like white cotton balls in appearance and they sometimes become extremely poisonous and emit an incredibly foul odor. If you are worried about the risk of rising molds in your homes then you should be immediately seek the help of a dependable and certified residential mold inspector.

Certified Residential Mold Inspector Cleans Molds Safely
Never commit the blunder of cleaning molds yourself from the carpets, mats and walls of your homes as they can be poisonous and some of them cause allergies and other diseases. Hire an experienced and certified residential mold inspector. The make use of proper equipment to clean the molds safely and professionally. Even if only a small visible area of your home is affected it is better to get it cleaned with a reliable and professional mold inspector before it breeds and grows tremendously.

Homes are Visited and Inspected First
A good and dependable mold remediation company first sends its certified residential mold inspector for visit and inspection of your home. Only after conducting a thorough inspection of your homes, swabs of molds are taken out professionally and with utmost care. The certified inspector also performs initial air quality check before switching to the treatment.

Provides Comprehensive List to its Clients
A reliable mold remediation company also provides a detailed and comprehensive list of the molds present in your homes and also the detailed information about the health hazards that they can pose. Apart from that, they also provide you the detailed assessment of reports and the methods they will apply to check the growing problem of molds in your home. Also, it tries to answer all the concerns of its clients.

Makes Use of Modern and the Latest Equipment
A good and certified residential mold inspector uses the latest equipment like moisture meters, humidity meters and thermography cameras for the visual assessment of the molds present in your home before providing you the detailed list.

So, trash all your worries if your home is infested with the dangerous molds and reach out to a certified residential mold inspector for your getting your home inspected and treated subsequently by the hands of professionals. Always remember that molds can be pretty dangerous to your kids and pets so do not linger and seek the help of certified professional for remedy.

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How to Choose a Painter for Your Home

Here in the Toronto area, there are many painters to choose from and it is important to hire the right one for the job. In order to do so, there are a few aspects that you may want to consider prior to consulting with the painting experts. It is also a good idea to ask the contractors a few specific questions to ensure that they are qualified for the task.


Before you hire a contractor for painting, there are some factors about the job that you need to know. The more you understand about the task, the easier it usually is to find the right painters.

One of the important things to think about is whether the area is considered to be commercial or residential. It is a good idea to know how many rooms are involved and how large the total area that needs to be painted is. Also, find out beforehand if there are any other tasks involved other than the painting, such as plastering, or addition upgrades to your current molding, etc.

Questions to Ask Professional Painters in Toronto

There are multiple and significant questions to ask Toronto painters that can help you to find the right contractor. Some inquiries may be general while others often pertain to the specifics of the actual job.

It is imperative that you ask each professional painter if they are licensed and insured. Having a license means that they are legally permitted to practice and that they have the qualifications required to do so. Having insurance reduces the amount of liability that you may face in the unfortunate event of an accident, or misrepresented work.

As far as experience goes, this is quite essential. There are painters that have experience in both residential and commercial jobs whereas some might have only a single type of training. Try to find a contractor who has painted similar tasks as yours. For example, if you need a hotel painted and one of the professionals lists having painted a place like the Hotel Etobicoke on their resume, they may be suitable for the job.

Aside from this angle of the tasks, you may want to find out about various specific types of jobs that they can complete. In the case that you need someone to plaster, you will require a professional with experience in that field as well. The same rule applies to various painting techniques that you prefer, whether fine oil trim painting, skim coating, or otherwise. Be sure to ask about the amount and grade of experience and not just if they have done this type of work in the past.

In some cases, the person who you meet with to ask them questions is not the person who does the work. Ask about the qualifications of each individual, how many people will be completing the task, as well as what the procedure is, especially in case one of the workers becomes ill and another has to complete the job. You may wish to ask for references of there is anyone else involved in the task. In addition, inquire as to what the working schedule is for the individuals involved plus an estimate for how long the job will take.

The Hiring Process

Taking the time to ask painters in Toronto these questions takes a bit of time but is worth it. Through  this extra effort, you have a great chance of finding the perfect professional contractors for the job and ultimately getting the high level of quality that you’re looking for.

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Easing your Way Out of Debt

Easing your Way Out of DebtThe economy remains in a challenging state as consumers try to catch up with the debts and mortgages that they have accrued over the past decade. There are signs though that more and more individuals are recovering from this difficulty as borrowers try to make good on their payments or restructure their loans to make the scheme more affordable for them. Most financial advisers would however tell you that the fastest way to get rid of a loan to pay more than the minimum bill.

A lot of lending institutions make the process easier by offering different payment modes for consumers. This helps you choose the manner of payment that’s most convenient for you. Paying on time helps you avoid the imposition of penalties or finance charges. The most convenient mode of payment that’s maintained by banks and lending institutions are online facilities. These are designed to accommodate varied client transactions and is one of the easiest means that you can take on. The only requirement is to create an account so that your personal information is secure and to allow for proper tagging of business processes like payments. Some companies even offer online discounts by not applying additional service or transaction charges. Your payment will be credited to your account on the same day that you made it. 

If you need the additional assurance of a paper trail, you can opt for settlement through the postal service. You can do this by issuing a check payable to the financial institution where you have an outstanding loan and specify details like your account name or mortgage number. Using a specialized mail service such as an overnight delivery will help ensure that your payment is credited on time. The distinct advantage of this type of transaction is that you get proof of payment when your check gets validated. If you’re paying for a business mortgage, this can be sent straight to your company’s CBU mailbox. This method is relatively safer than an online transaction because it minimizes the possibility of identity theft. Most CBU mailboxes are able to provide a secure area for receiving US mail.

In any case, no matter how you choose to pay your mortgage, the important thing is that you increase the amount that you pay or the frequency of remittances that you make. It’s the only way to get fast relief from debt.

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Retirees as Targets of Real Estate Scam

seniors targeted by scammersSenior citizens – already victims of reverse mortgage gouging from “estate planning services” – are now becoming targets of new, more advanced home equity schemes from financial con artists, according to a real estate lawyer.

Seniors may be forced into paying loans that are more than they can afford and risk losing their homes to predator and scavenger scams, according to Manuel Duran, of the law firm of Bett Zedek Legal Services, Los Angeles. Duran was part of a panel discussion at the Practicing Law Institute’s Consumer Financial Litigation Conference in San Francisco.

Predators use several products or hooks to lure clients including two home equity products, Duran said.

In the investor rip off scam, senior citizen home owners are offered a home equity loan, and are told by a salesperson they can use the money from the loan for an investment. The homeowner gives an endorsed check to the salesperson who in turn promises to invest it with a payoff. The victim will receive money from the investment for a few months and then the “salesperson” keeps the rest of the money.

“Eventually the victim loses the home,” Duran said.

Scammers will also capitalize on the large amount of reverse mortgage products available by creating their own fraudulent products and offering them to elderly homeowners. The senior citizens will provide the scammer with a deed to the property, and end up transferring their house over to another institution, Duran said.

Some predator scams also involve signing up borrowers for financing programs but do not provide them with documents containing rate information, Duran said.

And in identity theft situations, swindlers will see a house they want, forge a deed and then let the loan go into foreclosure.

Scavengers prey on physically weak victims, according to Duran.

“It’s a pure profit scheme,” he said.

Other frauds include credit card schemes and a product that includes a caretaker for the victim signing for power of attorney and then receiving the victim’s money.

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